How much grant money is available?

Foundations and corporations provide approximately $50 billion each year in funding, and they tend to be the most responsive to locally developed projects and local needs. The federal and state governments also issue grant programs, and awards vary by size and scope.

What does it cost?

Comprehensive grant development services differ from single grant proposal development. Clients have the option of a monthly fee for comprehensive services or can choose a per-project fee. Each organization’s needs differ, and each proposal varies in complexity, so contact us today for a customized quote!

Do you guarantee that a proposal will be funded?

No professional grant writer can make such a guarantee. Each proposal is scored on its merit, and there is always fierce competition for funding. Developing and nurturing a relationship with the funder can increase your chances of being awarded, but it certainly doesn’t guarantee an award.

At times, your application may make it to the final round of consideration. In the final decision round funders often consider the applicants with their existing portfolio in mind. If they are seeking to achieve a particular portfolio then your application, as compelling and competitive as it is, could be at the mercy of geographic advantage.

Can we pay for services using awarded grant funds?

No. The Grant Professionals Association (GPA), of which Write Support is a member, establishes guidelines of conduct for professional grant writers. Members of GPA shall not accept or pay a finder’s fee, commission, or percentage compensation based on grants, and shall take care to discourage their organizations from making such payments.

What do I need to submit a grant?

It’s not uncommon for funders to expect you’ve been incorporated for at least three years before they will consider you for grant awards. You will definitely need a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter of determination, a budget, and copies of all the 990s you’ve filed.  If you have audited financial statements, a Board of Directors list, and a network of collaborating partners, that’s a plus.

Organizations should also consider their goals, beneficiary needs, and the effectiveness of programming. Applicants who can articulate an urgent need and compelling goal, a thoughtfully designed program or project and have evidence of positive impact on beneficiaries have a competitive advantage over others in the pool.